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Selling Tips
A little presentation adds big value to your home

You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.
It’s amazing how quickly purchasers react to an inspection leading to the conclusion that your home is “a contender”.

Gardens or Terraces are Important
The first rule for creating a good first impression is, of course, having a good looking front garden. Visit your local nursery or garden centre before your house goes on the market. Keep the lawns neatly mown and the edging trimmed. If the grass needs greening up, apply lawn fertilizer.

Don’t forget the driveway
Make sure that your driveway is always clean and there are no petrol stains on it. Being in Delhi/Gurgaon  (in the plains) the driveway requires extra care as the dust conditions are quite severe.

Approaching the house
Give the outside of your house a quick makeover as well as the garden. Rub down and freshly paint anything that needs painting: especially the doors, window frames , drainpipes and gutters. If nothing else at least make sure that the front door is painted or varnished freshly.

Warm and cosy- cool and inviting?
On  hot summer days, have air conditioning or fans operating long before operating time. On cold winter days, light a fire if you can or put the heating on early to take the chill off the rooms.

Cut the clutter.

Show off the rooms to their best advantage. Remember, you are selling your house not showing off your furniture, so take away any pieces that clutter your rooms.

It is the little things that make the difference, like fresh flowers.
The key to an inviting home is to create a feeling of welcome that greets your visitors the instant they step through the front door.
Place vases of fresh flowers strategically. Small touches like plants, rugs and paintings can also make a difference.

Make sure everything sparkles.

Kitchen are one of the main areas buyers are interested in, so have yours looking spotless. Areas like kitchens and bathrooms should be more brightly lit than other areas of the home.

Bathrooms, are another area of the home that is important to buyers. Toilets, baths and basins should be hygienically clean. The floor tiles must shine.

It’s well worth the extra effort.
Your home, in most cases, is the most valuable asset you will ever own. Following our advice on getting your home ready for sale will be hard work and may cost you some money. But it will be worthwhile. After all potential buyers are about to make one of the biggest investments of their lives.
Make sure it is your house they choose by putting a little extra effort into presentation.
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